Friday, November 16, 2012

Nothing to do..

Tonight, I have nothing to do, so I wanna share little bit about my past great experience, it called KKN.. maybe in my previous post I already talked about KKN, but I didnt share it too, lets talk about it again..

My KKN team at Pucanggading village contain of 3 men and 6 women.. this is our picture (women), but the men didnt join us in this picture..

We have a lot of programs for Pucanggading village, but I just wanna share some of them.. :)
This is a moment between us and children at kindergarten.. We helped teachers to taught children in there..that was fun, but sometimes little bit annoying because some child cried without any reasons..

We were also gave additional lesson at elementary school, such as English lesson, German lesson, Japanese lesson and patriotic lesson..  This picture was taken when our team wanted that children sang "Indonesia Raya" but they were seemed too shy..

At the last day of our meeting there, they were begged us to have a picture with them.. :) they were actually love us, but they were too ashamed to admit..

This picture was taken at another elementary school, we were gave presentation about "Self Motivation".. they were looked so enthusiastic.

Beside pay attention to the children at kindergarten and elementary school, we also pay attention to public health, such as helped in Posyandu and group of elderly..

Most of women at Pucanggading village didnt have permanent job, so we tried to open their chance to create something usefull and they can sell it.. We gave them lesson about transform plastic trash become bag, purse, ashtray, cell phone case and so on..

We also created new recipe, we called it "BrowSing" or Brownies Singkong.. We were tried several times to got the best taste.. Ater we got the best taste, we share the recipe to women at village, so they can use it, make it at home, maybe they can open new home production by making brownies singkong.. :) Besides BrowSing, we also made Brownies Bengkoang and Bengkoang Jam.. the taste is good, but I prefer Brownies Singkong.. :)

When our team at Pucanggading village, the village is in drought, so we gave them knowledge about "Biopori"

This picture was taken at headman house, we were studied together with children from elementary school..

In Pucanggading Village, the villager have a yearly ceremony before Ramadhan, it called "Munggahan".. Everybody who came to Munggahan, must bring foods and that foods will collect at mosque and distribute to all villagers again randomly.. :)

This is picture of us with village administrator after inauguration new administrator..

After finished all programs, we went to "Pagilaran", looking for the Waterfall and Tea Garden.. :) But we didnt find big waterfall, just a little one.. :)

The path to reach waterfall was too exhausting, so we took a rest for awhile..

Feel bored at waterfall, we went to Tea Garden.. Hmm, the weather there was so freshen up :)

Very beautiful right? I mean the view not us.. :)

I also went to Pekalongan with my friend, Arief, repaired his phone and stop by the Meseum Batik in there.. This picture was taken by him when I tried to made a batik :)

Overall.. I really enjoyed my KKN time in there with my team.. they are so loveable.. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Beggining of Research

Morning all..
Lets continue about Pitchy's stories in the past.. :)

Hmm.. after having fun with my friends at Surabaya, I'm back to Semarang and got sick.. I dont know what illnees that, but I cant walk, move and get up from bed, my body temperature is so high and my head so dizzy.. I just slept over night.. The next day my mom called me and told me that my father angry with me because I didnt go to Ambarawa to delivery my grandmother gift for her grandchild..but, I'm sick and he didnt care.. :( So after I feel better I went to Ambarawa to delivery that gift and I back to Semarang at that day directly..

Back to Semarang and starting to be a bussy girl.. yup!!this is all about my research for finishing my study.. My research is about synthesis chemical compound to be antioxidant.. I am happy to do his research, but sometimes I cry because there are some trouble that happen between me, my partner and my lecture.. Sometimes their arguments and behave can hurt me.. But what can I do? I just trying to accept this fate and enjoy my research so I can graduate soon.. :) In the middle of reaserch I am sick.. I got Herpes on my arm and it is so bothering my activities and until now it not cure yet completely.. :( I cant sleep tight everynight, because it is very pain.. and I feel sad because this illness cant cured, it will recurrence again if I'm too tired.. Hmm..what can I say.. I hope it will gone as soon as possible..

Now, today is long holiday..I planning to go to Ambarawa, visit my grandfather and forget all about research,herpes for awhile.. :) Happy holiday all.. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Madakaripura Waterfall and Bromo Mountain

Ok, as I promise before, I wanna share my story at couple months ago..  
This picture has been taken 2 months ago, after I wearing veil.. I choose to changing my appereance altough my friends told me, that I prettier without veil than wearing veil.. but it is okay, I'm happy wearing veil.. :) 
This picture has been taken when I was in Samarinda during Idul Fitri, me and girls ate at Malaysian Restourant..

When I was in Samarinda, me and my friends planned to go to Bromo Mountain after we back to Java..
there are some picture of us.. :)

The first day: ate Soto together at Probolinggo

And this pictures have been taken when we arrived at Madakaripura Waterfall. Wow!! that was so difficult to reach waterfall, because the path is so high-pitched, but that was so fun when we were together.. 

The waterfall is very beautiful and I cant explain more about it, because it is so adorable.. :)

Took a rest for awhile after played at waterfall and we are all got wet.. 

Ate again, because they are so starved.. :)

The second day, we were at Bromo Mountain to catch up for sunrise.. we have to go from home at 1 am in the morning to got there at 4 am.. but there was a problem, we didn't got Jeep to the up of the hill.. therefore we have to waited for 1 hour to got Jeep and the sun already rose.. :(

And we were hungry at the hill but we didn't forget to took a picture :)

Actually we didn't reach the top of Bromo Mountain because we didn't have much time, because we have to chased train to back home..but that was two wonderful days with my friends at Madakaripura waterfall and Bromo mountain :) and for the next destination we planned to go to Karimun Jawa.. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Come Back Again..!!

halo halo halo..
waah kangen banget banget banget sama ini blog! kangen banget nulis di sini!! :)
Sebenernya sih aku nyadar udah 4 bulan gak main kesini, cuman yah apa daya yah, pitchy lagi sibuk ini itu..

Kisah Pitchy sekarang udah sampai saat saat menjadi MAHASISWA TINGKAT AKHIR yang lagi berkutat sama penelitian di laboratorium.. sudah terlalu banyak kisah kisah menyenangkan yang Pitchy lewatin tanpa sempet dishare di sini..

Buat kedepannya mungkin Pitchy bakal share dikit-dikit kisah kisah yang udah aku lalui.. So, check it out guys.. :)