Monday, April 1, 2013

Festival Jajanan BANGO

     Today in Semarang had been held "Festival Jajanan Bango".. I and friends went there to try some food.. I was so curious about what kind of food in there.. and wooow....there was sooo many kind of food.. hmmmm.. everything in there looks so yummy.. I wanna try and eat them all but I cant (I dont wanna raise my weight ). so I choose to ate "Oseng-Oseng Mercon from Jogjakarta". That food made from meat and has very spicy taste, but that was so delicious.. My friends choose to ate "Soto Tengkleng" and wooow.. the portion was so big.. Others food in there such as, "Mie Aceh", "Nasi Goreng Kambing", "Siomay", "Tahu Gimbal", Sate Ayam", and many more..
     After we ate our food, we walking around at that place and took some photos in there..

Fun and feeling full enough, then we decided webt to Paragon Mall, hang out at tea bar and have a chit chat.. :)

 I am so happy today, feeling so full and tired..  :)