Saturday, November 10, 2012

Madakaripura Waterfall and Bromo Mountain

Ok, as I promise before, I wanna share my story at couple months ago..  
This picture has been taken 2 months ago, after I wearing veil.. I choose to changing my appereance altough my friends told me, that I prettier without veil than wearing veil.. but it is okay, I'm happy wearing veil.. :) 
This picture has been taken when I was in Samarinda during Idul Fitri, me and girls ate at Malaysian Restourant..

When I was in Samarinda, me and my friends planned to go to Bromo Mountain after we back to Java..
there are some picture of us.. :)

The first day: ate Soto together at Probolinggo

And this pictures have been taken when we arrived at Madakaripura Waterfall. Wow!! that was so difficult to reach waterfall, because the path is so high-pitched, but that was so fun when we were together.. 

The waterfall is very beautiful and I cant explain more about it, because it is so adorable.. :)

Took a rest for awhile after played at waterfall and we are all got wet.. 

Ate again, because they are so starved.. :)

The second day, we were at Bromo Mountain to catch up for sunrise.. we have to go from home at 1 am in the morning to got there at 4 am.. but there was a problem, we didn't got Jeep to the up of the hill.. therefore we have to waited for 1 hour to got Jeep and the sun already rose.. :(

And we were hungry at the hill but we didn't forget to took a picture :)

Actually we didn't reach the top of Bromo Mountain because we didn't have much time, because we have to chased train to back home..but that was two wonderful days with my friends at Madakaripura waterfall and Bromo mountain :) and for the next destination we planned to go to Karimun Jawa.. :)

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