Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Beggining of Research

Morning all..
Lets continue about Pitchy's stories in the past.. :)

Hmm.. after having fun with my friends at Surabaya, I'm back to Semarang and got sick.. I dont know what illnees that, but I cant walk, move and get up from bed, my body temperature is so high and my head so dizzy.. I just slept over night.. The next day my mom called me and told me that my father angry with me because I didnt go to Ambarawa to delivery my grandmother gift for her grandchild..but, I'm sick and he didnt care.. :( So after I feel better I went to Ambarawa to delivery that gift and I back to Semarang at that day directly..

Back to Semarang and starting to be a bussy girl.. yup!!this is all about my research for finishing my study.. My research is about synthesis chemical compound to be antioxidant.. I am happy to do his research, but sometimes I cry because there are some trouble that happen between me, my partner and my lecture.. Sometimes their arguments and behave can hurt me.. But what can I do? I just trying to accept this fate and enjoy my research so I can graduate soon.. :) In the middle of reaserch I am sick.. I got Herpes on my arm and it is so bothering my activities and until now it not cure yet completely.. :( I cant sleep tight everynight, because it is very pain.. and I feel sad because this illness cant cured, it will recurrence again if I'm too tired.. Hmm..what can I say.. I hope it will gone as soon as possible..

Now, today is long holiday..I planning to go to Ambarawa, visit my grandfather and forget all about research,herpes for awhile.. :) Happy holiday all.. :)

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