Saturday, May 12, 2012

Papaya pa papaya..

       Saturday night always make me feel bored, why? because i do nothing at saturday night. I dont hangout with my friends and i really not in the mood to finish my journal.. so i just lying on my bed and keep online..

      This morning, I visited my lecture house to shared about my research result.. in there I and my research group studied presentation before MONEV at 15th May (wish me luck ) My lecture name is Mr. Anam.. I've already talk about him in my previous post.. When I visited his house he seems so friendly. Suddenly I remembered my Mom,, she just like Mr. Anam, the way my mother talk, act, just like him.. at his house Mr. Anam give me PAPAYA because it is his favourite fruit..and so did my Mom, she often gave me PAPAYA at noon, to cooled body and smoothen pup.. :) I ate that papaya and at the same time I sing PAPAYA song..

      I dont know why I feel comfortable at Mr.Anam house, maybe because he remembered me to my mother.. and anyway my Mother and Mr.Anam have the same ethnic.. Mr. Anam is Madura and so do my mom.. My grandmother from my mom is Madura..  Maybe because they have the same ethnic so they have the same behavior.. well i dont know exactly what the reason is.. But the most important thing now is.. I miss my mom.. :)

     After visited Mr. Anam house I went with  i (my friend) to ate some food.. we eat together until we overly full.. then I went to the cashier to paid.. when i want to paid,, she screamed that she didnt brought her wallet.. Damn!! I didnt have money anymore in my wallet.. so I collect my coins to paid her food -____-" the terrible thing was my coins cant cover the cost of her food.. Luckyly we meet our senior at campus so we borrow his money to covered the cost of food..

    Now.. at saturday night as before I lying in front of my laptop.. online and listening music.. Every saturday night men or boys come and go like season to me then they ask " where you gonna go tonight?" "ooh you wont spent your night with your boyfriend? " "do you have boyfriend?".. -___-"   but I enjoy my activities.. :) i'm happy alltough i dont have boyfriend.. (frankly, i try to feel happy)

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