Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Totally Boring

Today is the most bored day.. why?? because the subjects at campus so boring.. First subject in the morning is Technology Informatic.. The lecture is so boring.. He talked about blogging and bla bla bla without interaction with his students.. of course nobody in the class listen to him and so did I.. this subject also remind me to my ex.. because he love that subject so much.. :(

The second subject is Analysis Industrial.. In the schedule that subject supposed start at 12.30 pm.. but lecture come to class at 1.12 pm.. I hate waiting.. :( Lecture just stay in the class for half hour and then class dismissed.. :( what the....

At 5.00 pm I have to back to campus for meeting my lecture then talk about my PKL seminar.. I've already at campus at 4.30 pm because my lecture have a class until 5.00 pm. but,, the class is over after 5.00 pm.. so bored in waiting..

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