Friday, April 20, 2012

Flash Back Part 2

Tonight i feel empty, suddenly i remember my ex boyfriend.. Why he just left me because another stranger?? Why he broke up with me after we have almost 4 years relationship?? Why??? Up until now, i just dont know his reason.. He said that i love "that" guy so much than him.. but i didnt blame him, because that was 70% true.. I like that guy, but i didnt love him.. We just close friend with more love to each other.. That time i was feel empty, because my Ex didnt care to me anymore, he always said that he was so busy and didnt have much time to texted me.. What??? how much time you need just to text " Hii dear.." it less than 1 minute,, trust me.. And when I played with other guy, he become jealous and suddenly he want break up.. 

Now i just trying to be nice with him. I just wanna be his friend. when we were break up, he said that  "we are still friended, just call me or text me if u need me" but now?? everytime i call or text him, he rarely reply me.. he seems ignoring and wont know me anymore.. aah boys.. I dont know who's have to blame in this situation?? am I act like a child? Or he is like a child??.. Sometimes when I check my profil in FB, i see chat messager sidebar and he is online.. but when i say Hii to him, he rarely reply me.. What am I supposed to do? Am i have to forget about him??  

And now,, I and that guy arent close anymore when he knew that i like him.. Now he just too busy with his friend and I think he already have girlfriend.. Hmm.. what can I say???

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