Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Really Hurt

Really hurt when you're realize that someone you trust the most is someone you wont trust in the future because he/she talk about your secret to another without your permission and he/she didn't fell guilty about that.. 

Really hurt when you love someone and he/she act like he/she love you too, but that's just because he/she confusion about his/her relationship with other boy/girl..


Really hurt when someone you like, spent his/her time with you because he/she just wanna benefitted  you..


Really hurt when someone you like, very close with you and act like he/she like you too, wont say "Hi" to you when meet face to face..

Really hurt when your bestfriends betraying you, because thay wanna stay in the free zone in life..

Really hurt when your boy/girfriend wanna break up with you because he/she misunbderstand about small thing.

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