Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh Little Owl

     Owl... Owl.. Owl.. I like Owl.. 
Actually I really wanna have one.. just one, I dont expect more.. :)
     I dont know why I like so much this bird.. Maybe because I''ve had the big one when I was a kid.. But unfortunately he died before I can hold him on my hand.. :(  Everyday I and my father always gave him flesh chicken three times a day, we are also played together.. He never seems so stress or sick.. But, One day that I clearly remember, I and my father out of stock for flesh chicken and we just have fried chicken.. So, we gave it to him (my big owl) because that was his time to breakfast.. After  that, I and my father went to school and work, so did my mom, she went to work.. In the evening we back home and my father bring flesh chicken for my owl.. But he was gone forever.. I dont know why he was gone, last time we seen him, he seems pretty fit and well..

     Today, when I go to the living room, I see my friend Kiki and her boyfriend feeding their little owl. Their owl is sick and wont eat or drink.. Looks like so awfull.. They give it some drugs for healing.. But their owl refuse it.. Suddenly, Kiki boyfriend get the call from his friend to attending such as campus activity and Kiki also have to go because she has another schedule.. And little owl alone at home. So I offer my self to take care little owl in my room.. when I try to reach little owl, it bite me, but I'm okay.. I love it.. Now we have napping time together before Kiki and her boyfriend come back.. I hope someday I just can get one little owl for feeding and sleeping with me.. :)

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