Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday Night :)

     Everybody love saturday night.. saturday night is the time when boy and girl in a relationship go out together spent their night together to share their love..  Or time when the teenagers hang out with their friends to refresh their mind after six boring days.. Well saturday night for me is time to hang out with my friends..

     I was spent my saturday night with my boarding house friends, they are yayang, kiki and iis.. First we went to "ayam betutu terbang" to try ayam betutu.. Hmm but it have small portion and we didnt satisfied. So we searching other place to satisfy our starvation.. :) We picked one place called "Pelangi Chiffon Cake and Ice Cream". Pelangi cafe have exotic place and I love that place at the first sight.. hehehehe.. Pelangi cafe is so crowd of teenagers..grr.. and for staying in there we have to waiting for awhile..when we get our table we didnt spent our time to order ice cream as soon as posible.. I though this place is the important place for teenagers to visit and try the most delicious menu.. trust me.. :)

     We spent our time with talked about "PHP" because my friend Yayang confusing about her relationship with a guy.. kwukwukwu.. After spent our night at Pelangi, we went to Pahlawan street to refresh our eyes, watched how crowded the downtown.. then we back home.. :)

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